Exploring the Boundary Bog

Prince Albert National Park sits on the southern edge of the boreal forest, meaning that it encompasses a wide range of different terrain. From boreal forests, to grasslands, to aspen park lands, to lakes, to bogs, there’s so much to discover. Since we only had so much time, we decided to take on the bog. 

We hit the Boundary Bog trail with park interpreter Brad to get the full learning experience. The trail starts in a pine forest with the ground covered in thick moss that’s so soft, you could nap on it, just ask Alex. As you wind your way around some corners and over some hills, you come to the boardwalk that carries you onto the bog. As you continue on, the trees begin to thin a bit and you’re surrounded by tamarack trees. These hardy trees thrive in bog environments and in the fall turn a beautiful yellow colour before their needle like leaves fall off for the winter. 

This trip is a two kilometre loop and well worth the hour or so of exploring. It’s an amazing trek to go from forest to the thinning out into the bog area that surrounds a lake, then back into being surrounded by huge pines.