'Tis The Season – Harvest 2013

You can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl…story of my life. During harvest I always take a week and head back to the SE corner of the province to help my family.

This time is always bittersweet for me. In my opinion there’s something amazing about the flat wide open space that one finds in the midst of a field. It’s great for sunrise and sunset viewing, wildlife is literally at your fingertips and it makes running a big piece of equipment like a combine a lot easier to manage!

The flip side – there is a lot of time to think when you are driving around for hours on end (not a good thing when you’re already an overanalyzer) and it takes a bit to get into a new sparse eating schedule. I really can’t complain about the food though, harvest suppers in the field are definitely one of my favourite things.

Weather is a major factor for crops not only while they are growing, but also while you are trying to get them off - a lovely humbling fact that Mother Nature is always in control. Thus, my farming lesson of the week: there are some things in life that are just out of your hands.


*No fences or trees were harmed during the time that I was “combine pilot”…and the combine came back in once piece, bonus! This is especially gratifying as this was my first year straight cutting.*