Sand Cliffs in Saskatchewan?!

Ever since I heard about the Nipekamew Sand Cliffs I’ve wanted to see them. So, when Carla and I were in the area this past September I twisted her arm into heading that direction. 

It was definitely an adventure of sorts! The cliffs are located south of La Ronge, approximately 27kms E of the Hwy 2 and 65 junction. Once you arrive on site you hike in about 1.5kms to see the sandstone cliffs. 

Between the drive in and the hike you truely feel alone and one with nature. To some of us that is exhilarating and exciting, to others *cough, Carla* they feel like they are on set of The Blair Witch Project. Take your pick, but there is no denying that this area of the province is amazing,

The winding Nipekamew River provides gorgeous views and numerous photo opportunities during your hike. As you round the corner to the location of the cliffs your jaw is sure to drop in awe. We were there on a sunny day and the white sand almost glowed in the light.

It’s a place I hope to go back to one day…maybe with some sort of flotation device so that I can take advantage of the River views. ;)

Check out a video from our trip:

~ Alex