The iconic Touring the Regina Soundstage. The bar set at the Regina Soundstage. Look who we ran into!
Home of the Dog River PD. Outside the Corner Gas Souvenir Store. Walking down Main Street. Cameras were rolling when we visited! Our group trying to catch a glimpse of filming. You never know who you might see walking around!

Corner Gas Souvenir Store & Set Tours

Did you hear the news? There’s not a lot going on…kidding! Corner Gas is back after a five year hiatus to film a movie and you can take a tour to visit the set. 

We had a chance to go on the tour with Eco-Party Adventures and we got up close to the Corner Gas Station and The Ruby Café. We walked down Main Street past the Foo Mart, the Dog River Hotel and the Dog River Police Department. The tour also took us to the Regina Soundstage where we got to see the inner workings of show business, including a glimpse at the Dog River bar set. While in “Dog River” AKA Rouleau we stopped at the Corner Gas Souvenir Store, which is a must! They have a Corner Gas Sing-A-Long booth where you have a chance to participate in the national sing-a-long to the Corner Gas theme song (to be featured in Cineplex theatres before the release of the film). It’s a fun way to be a part of the movie. 

Tours usually take place Friday and Saturday during cast and crew “off” days, but special tours can be booked for larger groups. In our case, we were part of a special group booking and the tour took place on one of their “on” days. We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some of the cast! If you don’t catch the cast on your tour, watch for them in and around Regina, you never know where they might turn up. 

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